A framework to assess the potential for success of a product

Fig 1: A framework to assess the potential for success of a product


For a product to be successful, it must create value. And value is created only when sufficient performance is delivered by the product at a price point that is reasonable for that level of performance, for that segment.


Creating a replicable process using popular frameworks for B2B products.

Fig 1: An example roadmap from my past

In this write-up, I’d like to present a framework for Roadmap creation & feature prioritization that is an assortment of some popular frameworks, and one I’ve put to good use in a B2B product context.


Transportation Series

What Fleet management entails and the landscape

The objective of this piece is to describe the opportunities available in the Fleet space for digitization, the players involved, and trends. My motivation stems from a desire to understand why this space has spawned so many software players and what each of them is looking to really solve.

The Addressable market

The trucking industry in the US delivers 70% of the national freight worth 700 Billion $. If you add the trade between US and Canada, and the US and Mexico, that total goes up to approx. 1.1Trillion $. The total number of trucks is estimated at 15.5Million, and the total number…

Organizational design

How Execution teams differ from Innovation teams

People marching in file and lining up for something that looks like a PT exercise in a military school
People marching in file and lining up for something that looks like a PT exercise in a military school
Source: Alexander Rodchenko (Dynamo Sports Club, 1935)

I’m sure you’ve been in situations where you’ve been tasked with executing on a project and you find to your horror the entire world is invited to participate. I’m sure you’ve been in situations where your requirement document had comments from all and sundry including that person in your team who has made it his full-time job to opine on everything. …

New product development

Credit: Technource.com

I’ve had the good fortune of bringing new categories to market in both large corporates and start-ups, and want to use a specific example of a product that I was intimately involved in to make the case that large companies and their inherent agendas aren’t optimized for innovation.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of bringing a product with a new value proposition that resonates to market. It isn’t enough to just invent something new. There have to be takers for this invention. …

New Product Development

Image credits: Popular Science Monthly

The objective of this blog is to outline a process for New Product Development that looks to de-risk the traditional approach to hardware product development by extensively testing using qualitative and quantitative methods at every stage. Taking a consumer hardware product as the subject, I will explore the different research methods that can be used, recommendations on when they should be used, the tools to run the research and the frameworks to view the findings. Additionally, I explore how the design thinking approach can be applied to the hardware (devices) world and its traditional product development process.

The New Product…

New Product Development

Anyone running a product or service based business is constantly involved in improving the product to meet the evolving needs of the customer segment they’re serving or looking to serve. What I’ve tried to do here is to detail the different quantitative research methods that I have used in the past for New Product Development across Hardware and Software, and really explore how useful each of these are when thinking about product development across the different product types → Consumer hardware products, Consumer services and Business to Business SaaS products.

The Actors

A Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager or Brand Manager in…

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